Friday, November 16, 2012


the last 9 days were some of the greatest of my whole entire life. ireland is such an impressive and stunning country. i didn't believe what i sometimes saw, the landscapes, the marvellous views... i'm so amazed! my host-family was really nice and i enjoyed my time there eventhough it was a bit cold. the weather was nice, we've never had any rain and there was sunshine most of the time. we visited dublin - of course we kinda lived in dublin, powerscourt garden, glendalough, lough tay, wax museum, dublinia, national museum, and a lot more! hope you enjoy my photos (there are just a few, throughout the whole week i took like 1000 photos, these are hopefully the best) and i can just recommend ireland to you for your upcoming journey! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


tomorrow i'm finally going to ireland. i'm so fucking looking forward to this journey eventhough i'm also quite nervous and excited about our family there and about their kids :) hope they gonna be ok! i'm also curious about the food, i think i've never eaten real irish food. what will it be like to talk english everyday even at home ? i mean it's just for 8 days and i'm also going to speak a lot of german but nevertheless...
well for sure i will tell you about the trip and bring (hopefully) a lot of photos of it!
stay true,

Close your eyes - song for the broken

Friday, November 2, 2012

Winered & Camel

i was finally able to move myself to take some photos. the weather in austria is not that good, we've already had some snow but it's all gone. i'm really looking forward to the winter, to go skiing, to the snow to everything ! in four days i'm already going to be in ireland, hope it's gonna be a nice trip, and also hope you like this post :)

Winered Sweater, H&M
Shoes, H&M
Jacket, H&M

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